FTN's 1st Birthday Special - Big FTN Boom Tournament by PopOK Gaming


In celebration of FTN's first anniversary, PopOK Gaming presents a special Tournament with a 5,000 FTN prize pool.All PopOK Gaming games are participating, offering players a chance to spin their way to victory.

Join the FTN's 1st Birthday Special, spin your favorite slots, and compete for a share of the impressive prize pool. Whether you're a fan of Fast Fruits, Fast Master, Yummy, or any other classic to modern titles by PopOK Gaming, there's something for everyone.

This isn't just a tournament; it's the FTN Anniversary Tournament, where the top 100 players on the leaderboard will share the impressive 5,000 FTN prize pool. Join the Big FTN Boom and be part of the grand celebration today!

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