King Craft
Episodic Slot Game


The first-ever episodic slot game with a super-thrill scenario

King Craft is the world of mythical tales and mighty wars.

The land where gods intervene in the fates and heroism is the call of the day.

This happened in Menominee thousands of years ago. It was an epic battle between divine and evil forces.

Noor, the kingdom's rightful heir, was kept from his destiny but still blessed with gods’ gifts.

Will the forces of darkness have power over Noor while he is in a daze of oblivion?; an age-old question that you might find the answer to. Imagine what your emotions would be like if you played this game.

So your journey to the throne begins! Witness the legend unfold before your eyes.

Meet the heroic characters that come to life right at stand N2-252 or contact us to set up a meeting: [email protected] or [email protected].

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