Diamond Fruits

“Diamond Fruits” is a new innovative type of Roulette game that consists of fruits instead of numbers. The Roulette wheel consists of 37 sectors, among them are 16 Cherries, 8 Bananas, 7 Apples, 5 Grapes and 1 Bonus section presented as “Diamond”. All the fruits have their default multipliers players can win: cherry 2.2x, banana 4.4x, apple 5x and grape 7x. Players can place a bet(s) on any fruit and/or Diamond. So in order to win, players need to guess accurately the fruit or Diamond the ball will land on.

Moreover, "Diamond Fruits" Roulette has an exciting Bonus game during which player can win 3 random multipliers, up to 3000x. Player needs to bet on the Diamond to take part in the bonus game.

Players also have a good chance of winning any level of the Jackpot with any qualifying bet.



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Max Multiplier

Game name:Diamond Fruits
Game type:Live Casino
Features:Bonus Game,Multipliers,Double bet,Progressive Jackpot Game
Languages:English, Russian

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