Power of Kitsune

Step into the Magical World of Japanese Folklore with "The Power of Kitsune" Immerse yourself in the magical world of Japanese folklore with our latest video slot game, "The Power of Kitsune." This game is set to become a favourite this season and for a good reason!

While playing the main game, you will encounter various symbols such as hieroglyphs, samurai armour, enchanted fox masks, and Wilds represented by giant snakes.

Keep an eye out for the half-human, half-fox symbols, as they hold the greatest value and power in the game.

By collecting 3 Scatter symbols in the Main Game, you will unlock the Bonus Game, where you will have unlimited Free Spins and a chance to choose between two great warriors: Kai and Mei, each with their unique fox powers and 3 flames.

If your chosen character wins, extinguishing the enemy's flames one by one, the rewards are yours for the taking.

In the second level of the Bonus Game, you will face the same decision: which of the powerful Kitsune spirits, Hiro or Akira, will you choose to fight alongside you? If your chosen character defeats the enemy once again, you will unlock the Super Game.

Moreover, with every victory in the Bonus Game, you will witness pretty Sakura flowers that fill the reels, taking you to Japanese gardens.

Entering the Super Round, you will have the opportunity to choose from four fox chests, each containing a hidden prize. Choose wisely, and you could unlock the highest cash prize or the biggest win multiplier.

The best part? During the entire game, the lines pay both ways! So, take a deep breath and let the ancient spirits guide you to victory in "The Power of Kitsune"




Max Multiplier

Game name:Power of Kitsune
Game type:Video Slot
Features:Both Ways, Wild symbol, Scatter symbol,2 Level Bonus Game,Super Bonus, Unlimited Free Spins
Languages:English, Russian

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